On my top 5 anime characters and why I chose them

I would like to write about my top 5 anime characters and why I chose them.

We all have our favorite anime characters, both you and I and we’re drawn to them for a few reasons. It could be because of the sheer awesomeness that they exude such as Kamina Ayato of Guren Langann and Kenshiro of Fist of the North Star, or it could be because of the respect that they command such as Char Aznable of Gundam or it could be because of the mental genius and the complexities that they exhibit such as Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass and Light Yagami of Death Note or its could be a combination of the mentioned reasons.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 characters, in no particular order.

Maximillian Jenius of Macross and Macross 7

Max, for me, was the prime example in that males in anime don’t need to have manly muscles in order to be cool. In the original Macross, he was the smooth genius guy. He is the combination genius and simple charisma personified and to see how he and Miria became together was very fun to watch. In Macross 7, he lessens on being smooth and becomes more of a cerebral character but that does not lessen the awesomeness. For me, he’s the representation of Intelligent people can be cool too.

Mutsu Yakumo of Shura no Toki

What I really liked about him is he’s such a free spirit. He goes here he pleases, and does what he likes and best of all he defeats a multitude of samurai with his bare hands. It is really fun to watch him unload a can of whoop-ass on his unfortunate opponents. He’s also smooth; he’s like the James Bond of Japanese Heian period in terms of wooing the ladies. He’s a total bad-ass, I mean beating a samurai with just a chopstick? That’s total bad-ass in my book! For me, his fight with Miyamoto Musashi is one of the best fights in anime, ever. He’s my representation of a true bad-ass without having to use any superpower technique or powered weapons whatsoever. He’s the representation of martial arts in its purest form.

Misa Hayase/Lisa Hayes of Macross

Misa: Beauty and toughness in one hot package.

She’s the second in command of a giant fortress-spaceship and she’s tough enough to be able to put up with the boyish antics of Roy Focker and later, HIkaru Ichijyo/Rick Hunter and the other Skull Squadron pilots. One thing I also like about her that is that when she makes up her mind, she’ll get what she wants and not even a galactic pop-star can stop her. She represents a woman’s strength and determination.

Quatro Bajeena of Z Gundam

Quattro is basically an alias of Char Aznable when he’s still part of the AEUG. But why I specifically list Quattro, not Char? Because for me, Quattro is much more human than Char. While Char is awesome as the amoral revolutionary, he’s much more endearing to me as Quattro. I really liked Quattro’s dilemma early on in Z Gundam in which he is torn to whether he should lead or not and when he found his decision, he goes all the way. For me, Quattro represents a person’s struggle to find his rightful place in life.

Shinji Ikari of Evangelion

Shinji: love him or hate him, he's still awesome.

So much discussions, hate and love for this guy but when you really look at it, Shinji’s basically a part of Hideaki Anno’s huge illustration of how different people try to get through life and face their inadequacies, with him being the main focus. I really like his character progression and how he goes middle finger at instrumentation and says “I believe that something good is out there and I’m gonna find it, screw instrumentality.” Shinji is a representation of me, because in many levels, I am able to relate to and understand him.

So what’s special about my list? For me is that my favorite characters are representations of aspects of people and reality. They are my “closest as anime can get to reality” thing. While anime is an escape mechanism for some, what I really liked about anime is despite being fiction, it sort of mirrors reality to a degree, if you just look at it from a different perspective.

3 thoughts on “On my top 5 anime characters and why I chose them

  1. SHINJI!!!!! Dear lord, talk about someone who’s really out of it at times. However, I can see why he’s the main character. He represents young people growing up and trying to find themselves.

    Before Scott Pilgrim, there was him.

    • Hell yeah! I really understand him, because just like him I was trying to find myself and just found it along with many realizations just like Shinji had. Also, we had a few similar experiences.

      Yeah, I love Scott Pilgrim too, but Shinji’s the original 😀

  2. Yeah, I really didn’t like Shinji when I first read Evangelion, but I’ve kinda warmed to him over the series.
    Especially at the end of the original episodes.
    That was the deciding factor.

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