Yozakura Quartet focus: When should gods take action?

If there’s one thing I enjoyed in Yozakura Quartet, it is the land gods of Sakurashin. I really liked how Suzuhito Yasuda created these characters. Yuhi Shinatsuhiko is a shota looking 200 year old land god who is the town’s district mayor while Yae  Shinatsuhiko is the official land goddess of Sakurashin and is the younger sister of Yuhi and she’s hot, I mean totally.

Yuhi Shinatsuhiko: Shota looking land god, anyone?

But what I really liked about the land gods are their individual views regarding taking physical actions in the affairs regarding the humans and yokai. While Yuhi is the “Let the humans and yokai deal with this themselves and we should not interfere” thing, while Yae want more active participation in things. Yae would rush to join the action when the quartet are in a fix only to be restrained by Yuhi and be told to let the quartet handle their own affairs(although Yae would sometimes disobey).

Yae Shinatsuhiko: If all nuns were as hot and bad-ass like her, I'd be a devout religious.

Contemplation of the individual views of the Sakurashin’s land gods regarding “meddling” in the activities of humans and yokai has led me to ask this question. “When should gods take action?

I remember while watching Gensomaden Saiyuki a year ago, a certain character in that anime said that gods should only watch the activities of mortals, as gods only observe and judge. The statement makes perfect sense but when I think about it, it doesn’t. What’s the point of godhood when you’ll just sit, watch and judge? People look up to the god because of that entity being god. While I understand that spoon feeding mortals with help is just not the right way, it’s still not right to not take action when times call for godly action.

Yuhi is about to do his land god thing. Prepare for godly intervention.

In my opinion, Yae is the representation of godly intention to take action in mortal affairs while Yuhi represents the gods’ intention to only watch and let the humans solve all their problems on their own. While Yae sometimes disobeys Yuhi’s instructions to stay put, she does move and help in some occasions, and when push comes to shove in the final episodes in the anime, Yuhi broke his own rule of letting the people of solve the huge crisis on their own by giving a subtle help. Yuhi and Yae for me are the representations of the facets of gods regarding taking part in mortal affairs.

In my opinion, gods should really just watch and observe mortals because too much godly interference in mortal matters is a bad thing but when mortals are at their hour of need and they truly deserve help, godly intervention must be given. Every mortal deserves help, even the bad ones; as long as they truly deserve during their greatest hour of need.


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