Kuro’s vocaloid music recommends

Dear reader, are you new to the vocaloid fandom? You want to get into the vocaloid fandom? Are the songs that you only know are from the Project Diva games and you are on the hunt for other awesome vocaloid music?

Fear not, because Kuro’s here! In this blog post, I’ll be blabbering about my vocaloid recommendations to you, dear reader. Rest assured that the songs that I’ll post will be worth your time. I hope you get an eargasm!

With out further ado, here goes!

*Rin Kagamine

>Tengaku (Music of Heavens)
This song is just pure epic,  it has some awesome guitars and keyboards. The lyrics are also very good and very deep.

>Kodoku no Hate (End of Solitude)
This song is considered to be one of the best Rin songs out there. Awesome guitars, awesome video.

This song just made me realize that finding your place in life is just like tuning a guitar. The lyrics are just awesome.

*Miku Hatsune

>From the Heart
Boys can learn so much from this song, am I right girls?

>±(Plus Minus)
This may be possibly AvTechno!’s best work. Let me ask you dear reader, are you the plus or the minus?

>Keikaku Toshi (Scripted City)
This is one of the best songs by Miku Hatsune, ever. I really like the relaxing feel of the song. Too bad only a few people know of this song. The lyrics are quite good and deep.

*Luka Megurine

Listen to the song, understand the lyrics and learn an important lesson.

>Monologue from me in the future to you past
Here’s another meaningful song by Luka Megurine for you to enjoy.

>Sing for the moment
This beautiful song will show you that the path to adulthood is not all smiles for some teenagers.


>Green Straight
This song is just so adorable~ Its so fun, light and fluffy! The video is also totally cute!

>I want to meet you
This is one of the best GUMI songs, ever. She sounds like a real person in this one!

>Over technology
You say GUMI is only for pop? This will change your mind. The video is totally funny too!


>Choco Magic!! (By Miku vs. Rin)
The song and the video are just full of total epic cuteness! This is a total recommend!

>Imitation Black (By Kaito, Len and Gakupo)
This song is pure awesomesauce and two words: Trap! Len.

>She Saw Day (By Len Kagamine)
Its rare that I like a Len song. This song is just beautifully done! Len just sounds awesome in this song. This just makes me wanna dance~

>Forest of Morals (by MEIKO)
A beautiful and meaning song that asks “What exactly are morals?”

So there you have it! I hope that I was able to help you to get into the vocaloid fandom. May you have fun in listening to vocaloid music, dear reader!


5 thoughts on “Kuro’s vocaloid music recommends

  1. I love all those videos but… WHERE IS MIKU’S MELODY?!!
    Melody is the BEST Miku video EVER!!
    I can’t believe it’s not here!
    Aside from that, great blog!

  2. may i suggest the song Promise?
    It’s a pretty good song(it was in Project Diva 2)
    and also the song I’ll Quit singing,Butterfly on your right shoulder(Len & rin sang this song),innocence(Miku),joker(miku),magnet,Rolling Girl(miku),Youthful Day’s Graffitti(miku),1925,Secret(luka),tetoteto(kasane teto),black rock shooter(miku?),Ame Nochi Sweet Drops(miku) & Nebula(miku)!

    • Hm, I’ve already heard few of the songs you’ve and they’re all pretty good!I’ll be trying out the ones that I haven’t heard yet. Thanks for your suggestions! ^^

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