A personal look back at 2010

The year 2010 has been a year of realizations of sorts for me, dear reader…

My first part of 2010 is not much to be remembered, because I was living life monotonously and just going through the motions although at some point I knew I was looking for something but I did not know what it is exactly. It was at the latter part of 2010 that I had realizations of sorts and a few things had become clearer for me. Along with a few realizations is that I stopped doing a few things such as cosplaying and obsessive texting (lately, I only SMS roughly about 20 times per two month tops). I think the most memorable for moment for me in 2010 is that I started aniblogging with the purpose of becoming a better writer because honestly, I’m a terrible writer. Although it may not seem much but this is really important for me as this allowed me to connect, talk to and meet more people, lean more new things and broaden my horizons.

Now, I would like to talk about two things that really had an impact on me this 2010.

Satoshi Kon: A truly brilliant man

Satoshi Kon’s works are just pure brilliance and calling them as gold among anime isn’t exaggeration. Satoshi Kon’s works are an exploration of human behavior and society. Satoshi Kon’s death is quite saddening and the anime industry has lost a great person. I have watched Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent and Perfect Blue and I was able to gain a better understanding of society. Kon’s works will make you really think long and hard about society. For those who haven’t watched a Satoshi Kon work, I really suggest that you watch his works, as I think, it is a must watch for any anime fan.

Personally, if it weren’t for Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, I wouldn’t have these realizations and I wouldn’t be aniblogging at all. I was able to play (actually, more like marathon) Persona 3 and 4 when I was at that point when life has become a boring chore for me and I really wasn’t looking forward to the next day and thanks to recommendation of a few fellows form the school anime org, I played it and boy, it has blown my mind with all everything it has shown me. It was information overdrive, revelation and depression all at once for me by the time I was able to finish Persona 4 and I actually had to shut myself out from everyone for a bit of time. I think I was able to take the Persona series as more than mere games as it really opene my eyes about few little things. I’m really thankful that Atlus has made such great games and may they continue to make more.

But that’s enough of me. I thank you, dear reader for being with me all this time. Let us make 2011 a hopefully fruitful year for all of us. May 2011 be a joyride for us all. Happy New Year, dear reader! ^^

6 thoughts on “A personal look back at 2010

  1. I have a couple of anime directed by Satoshi in my plan to watch list, your post reminded me to watch those. Persona is one of the best rpg that I have played, a must play for the fans of that genre. I wish you a good 2011, happy new year!

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  3. Looking forward to chatting and getting to know you better in the coming year! Keep pushing forward, lots of good anime to look forward to this year! ^_^

    • Looking forward to chatting with you more as well! You’re really a cool person! Lots of good anime to look forward to, indeed! Can’t wait for Yoshihiro Togashi’s Level E. ^^

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