Just a visual novel quote…

Humans are creatures that dream.

Different from others,

They want to be special.

They want to be adored by others,

Just like the heroes in comics and games,

Achieving great things with unique powers.

Of course, no one ever believes deep down it will happen

Everyone knows there’s no magic in this world.

-Yoshiyuki Sakurai (Da Capo II)

This kind of quote is one of the reasons why I love Visual Novels. This has really hit me. The quote is so gentle yet it kind of reflects the sort of underlying negative (and somewhat nihilistic) mindset of otaku towards reality. Personally, I think most hardcore otakus are realists to the core, and they’ve given up on reality pretty much that they made anime their only source of joy and only adore 2d girls.

I think otakus should learn the fact that reality may be harsh, but it isn’t all that bad…


9 thoughts on “Just a visual novel quote…

  1. Reality is a waste of time. And I prefer 2D guys, myself. You make a good point, but I have heard the argument so many times that it doesn’t have any weight for me anymore. That’s probably why I’m up at 2AM reading fanfic.

    • Personally, I think reality isn’t a waste of time. While reality is just plain trouble, reality is where the good things are, we just have to “see” it. That’s what I believe.

      I prefer 2D gals myself but, I still like real life boobs better.

  2. The only visual novel I have played is Sakura Wars. That just made me laugh. I am a somewhat hardcore otaku, but I don’t watch anime much these days and read mostly manga.

    I like 2D girls, but what real guy wouldn’t want some real boobs in his face? Or maybe I’m just making assumptions.

    • Ah, I remember Sakura Wars from the good old Dreamcast days. It was fun.

      Any guy likes real life boobs, but rejection can easily break the non alpha male. Rejection and low self esteem is a grand combo to crush any non alpha male.

      • Hahaha, I’m a alpha-male??? I never thought I was though. 😛

        Sakura Wars finally came out in America last year. The fifth one, since you didn’t have to know any background for that game.

        But yeah, rejection can lead to someone being a stalker.

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