A letter from a mahou shoujo to her friend

Dear Kouhai-chan,

Everybody wants a miracle. If you wish for a miracle and a cute familiar will just give you what everybody wants, a miracle. All you have to do is make a contract with that cute familiar named Kyuubey, become a mahou shoujo, fight witches that are said to be from the negative emotions of humans and you get the miracle that you desire guaranteed, although I’m not sure about making that cute that cute sempai fall in love with you… You can ask Kyuubey about that.

…Pretty simple, right?
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Short musings about Level E and trolling.

Level E is definitely one of the gems of the winter 2010-2011 batch of anime. The characters are awesome and the wit and humor is just refreshing but if there’s one thing that Level E is surely doing, it is demonstrating the art of trolling perfectly (although in a grandiose and humorous manner).
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