Short musings about Level E and trolling.

Level E is definitely one of the gems of the winter 2010-2011 batch of anime. The characters are awesome and the wit and humor is just refreshing but if there’s one thing that Level E is surely doing, it is demonstrating the art of trolling perfectly (although in a grandiose and humorous manner).

Trolling is the act of stating something for the purpose of starting an argument (usually worthless), hoping for someone to react and have fun watching people spread the argument. In the simplest form, trolling is simply having fun toying with other people at their expense or watch people make idiots out of themselves. A troll is someone who engages in trolling.

So the question begs, “Why troll people?”

The answer is pretty simple actually, because its fun — having pleasure at the expense of others is fun (for trolls). Its fun to manipulate others’ emotions for the sole purpose of self amusement. From my observation, the fun behind trolling is the satisfaction of being able to manipulate the trolled person’s emotions for the troll’s own enjoyment. I guess some people really enjoy seeing people make idiots out of themselves.

The Prince in Level E is a fine example of a troll. He goes to “test” the loyalties of his guards and two earthling friends placing them in “dangerous” predicaments for the sole purpose of his amusement. In the latest episode, he purposely made young kids wear corny colored sentai suits that won’t be taken off unless they get the key from his chief bodyguard and made them do stuff for his own amusement. In his search of amusement, the Prince has surely annoyed many people.

Personally, I think trolls are just bored people who are looking for different kind of fun.

I think Yoshihiro Togashi has perfectly illustrated in Level E how the mind of a troll works.


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