A letter from a mahou shoujo to her friend

Dear Kouhai-chan,

Everybody wants a miracle. If you wish for a miracle and a cute familiar will just give you what everybody wants, a miracle. All you have to do is make a contract with that cute familiar named Kyuubey, become a mahou shoujo, fight witches that are said to be from the negative emotions of humans and you get the miracle that you desire guaranteed, although I’m not sure about making that cute that cute sempai fall in love with you… You can ask Kyuubey about that.

…Pretty simple, right?

But this mahou shoujo business is serious business. Fighting witches is already a great risk to my life and there are other mahou shoujos that might take you out for some stupid reasons that I can’t understand and best of all, your soul is ripped out of your body and placed inside a an egg shaped container that can’t be separated from your now husk of a flesh or else you’re as good as dead! I’m not joking about that soul rip part, kouhai-chan.

I’ll be frank, being a mahou shoujo is tough. Constantly fighting witches and occasionally dealing with other mahou shoujos is pure crazy! I guess you know what I’m saying about fighting witches because you joined me in one of my patrols, right? Well, battling witches is risking my life on a constant basis but it’s pretty exciting.

Kyuubey has made an offer to turn you into a mahou shoujo, right? You already have a wish, a miracle? I guess you have one already knowing you, kouhai-chan.

A smile with a tear.

…I kinda felt that I threw my life away for just one miracle, but I realized that a miracle isn’t called a miracle if it was easy to get… I guess all miracles have heavy prices, I suppose…

Let me ask you this, kouhai-chan, how far are you willing to go to for a single miracle?

Whatever your decision maybe, I’ll be supporting you. I’m your best friend and senpai, after all!

Your friend,



4 thoughts on “A letter from a mahou shoujo to her friend

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  2. Actually, I just watched the first episode of this series today. I was shocked, but at the same time… it was a refreshing surprise, you know?

    I really want to see how far she’ll go for her miracle.

  3. There’s no free miracles after all… As the series continues, it’s kind of sad to see how heavily mahou shoujos have to pay for that one wish.

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