Kuro’s J-pop recommends!

Honestly, I’ve been hearing nothing but boybands and girlbands songs as of late and my ears just want to take a break from the all the boyband/girlband pop music, so allow me to recommend some good j-pop music to you, guys! Treat this also as a guide for those who are just getting into j-pop, dear reader.

Kou Shibasaki – Mukei Spirit.
This is pure awesomeness, I just love this song. Kou Shibasaki’s newest single is one of the best songs I’ve heard in quite a while. This song was produced by notable Vocaloid producer DECO*27, so that’s why it sounds kinda Vocaloid-ish. This song is quality music.

Tomohisa Yamashita – Hadakanbo
I’m not a fan boybands or pretty boys, but I really like this song. This song is upbeat and doesn’t feel like a boyband song. This is probably the only song that I’ll like from this guy. Maybe I should give his other songs a listen, what you think?

SCANDAL’s newest single. Nothing much to say except this is a very good song. You can’t go wrong with SCANDAL.

Miyavi – Torture
This song is just pure awesomesauce. Miyavi’s quite a talented dude, his music is evolving. The drummer on the PV is awesome, he’s wearing shorts! This PV samples his patented guitar slapping technique.

RYTHEM – Tenkyu
God, I miss RYTHEM. I know this is old but I just love their songs. All of their songs just calm the soul. Personally, I think this is one of the best songs the duo has made aside from Harmonia. I think they have an album coming up.

Err… Before I end this post, I want to apologize for not posting in a while because I had to deal with a few personal problems and loss of inspiration. I humbly apologize.

So there you go! A few j-pop recommends to for you all! I hope you enjoy these songs and I also hoped that I helped you in getting into J-pop! ^^


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