My thoughts about things regarding the Japan earthquake

If there’s one thing I’m sure about, the whole Japan tragedy nowadays has generated lots of mileage from all over the world. I’ve observed many stuff about it in the recent days and I’d like to state my views on it. Forgive me if there will be no cool anime pics on this entry of mine for now, anime pics just don’t feel right for this entry right now.

First of all, I’m totally impressed by the level of discipline the Japanese has shown during this time of strife in their country. Even when earthquakes have ravaged their country, the Japanese are very calm and orderly in dealing with this natural disaster. No looting of stores and whatnot during the chaos. Personally, I think only Japan is the country that has exhibited this high level of discipline during natural calamities. Now if every other country will exhibit that level of discipline like Japan…

Tragedies tend to bring the best out of people and this is certainty true. Japanese celebrities like Aoi of GazettE and seiyuu Norio Wakamoto has spent their time helping out in rescuing people during the quake. Stu Levy, the man behind “America’s Greatest Otaku” is also in Japan helping people.

I’d also like to add that one of the unsung heroes of the Japan quake is the Japan building code. Without it, Japan could have received much more damage.

If tragedies bring out the best in people, it also certainly brings out the worst in them too. This picture of some Americans on facebook told that the quake is because of Karma for their attack on Pearl Harbor many years ago. That’s total crap if you ask me. C’mon America, I mean when you were hit by Hurricane Katrina, Japan was among the first to help and now you sling this BS? Weren’t two nukes enough to make you happy, America? And there are the few Christians who think the earthquake is some sort of divine judgment. All of this makes me lose my faith in humanity a little bit. I’m hoping that one day, a cure will be discovered for human ignorance.

Also, I’ve observed that some otaku are worried because if their DAI NIPPON disappeared, their otaku lifestyle will be gone. To quote what I saw on Facebook,

“No Japan = No Anime = No More Otaku Life”

This literally made me facepalm so hard. I don’t care if you’re in high school or have a job but if you’re only worried because of your anime disappearing, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Human lives are much more important than anime. Some otaku are more worried about Akihabara than the lives that may have lost which is a damn shame.

Last but not the least is the western news media. I’ve observed that most western news media has sensationalized the Fukushima reactor meltdown incident to the point of overrated and panic. Way to go, panic journalism. If you are really looking for credible news regarding the Japan tragedy at this time, I suggest tuning to Al Jazeera.

Now, I’m pretty sure Japan can bounce back from all this, but they can’t do this alone. If you wish to donate to Japan, here are some ways you can donate to Japan:

WORLD VISION – You can make a $10 donation via phone by texting “4JAPAN” or “4TSUNAMI” to 20222.

SAVE THE CHILDREN – You can make a $10 donation via phone by texting “JAPAN” or “TSUNAMI” to 20222.

GLOBAL GIVING – You can make a $10 donation via phone by texting “JAPAN” to 50555.

SALVATION ARMY – You can make a $10 donation via phone by texting ”JAPAN” or “QUAKE” to 80888.

If you’re based on the Philippines, please head here to see how you can help.

The tragedy that has hit Japan showed the highs and lows of human nature. Maybe it’s about time we let go of the hurts of the past so that we can all move forward.

10 thoughts on “My thoughts about things regarding the Japan earthquake

  1. The Americans saying mean stuff about Japan are an extremely small part of the US and they do not represent the vast majority who only wish the best for the Japanese people. Out hearts go out to all of Japan.

    • I’m sorry and I’m glad that the ignorant ones are only a small number of the American populace. I’m just appalled that there are some who talk like the Japanese deserved this disaster.

  2. Sadly all I can do is pray for the brave people of Japan who are working hard and diligently to recover from this tragedy, since I don’t have a credit card yet.
    I’m not the least bit surprised by the pitiful otaku comments. I’m of course referring to that atrocious equation I saw up there.
    Such waste of human emotion. Besides, I’m too optimistic to think that Japan’s doomed. I’ve heard that they have faced a similar scenario before and have bounced back stronger than before. I know it will take time for good old Nippon to recover but I know they will.

    P.S.: you can always count on the small, mean American minority to humiliate their own countrymen by acting like jerks, thus creating a false image for the whole country.

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  4. Pretty much this. Just. ALL OF THIS.

    Some people are just so… ugh.
    And if this is Japan being punished, then the rest of the world better watch out because I’m sure they’re next. They ain’t any better.

    C’mon Japan. We’re pullin’ for ya. ❤

  5. Thank you for stating your opinion, I respect that!

    The reason I wrote that part is because I see the Japanese as people like you and me, I don’t see the Japanese as people who simply exist solely for my anime gratifications unlike a few anime fans.

    • I see them as people too. But I also see the guy who got hit by a car yesterday as one of them, also the girl that got pregnant and was left by her boyfriend the same day…and the little kid that lost both his parents and is living on the street. Now their heartbreak might not of made it on to TV, but are their problems less important because of that?.. I honestly don’t know, but by the looks of it – they are.

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