Remembering some of our winter 2010-2011 anime

The winter season batch of anime is now being concluded to give way to the incoming spring batch of anime. Personally, this winter batch is one of the better batches of anime, as it gave us some really good titles (and some not so good ones). I’d like to take this opportunity to take a look back at some of the good anime of the winter anime block and give my comments about them.

Kimi no Todoke S2

If you watched the first season of this anime then the second season will be a treat for you. It’s verynice to see Sawako and Shouta’s interactions with one another! This is a fun anime!


I really enjoyed this one. Some may complain about the lack of focus on the characters, but that really didn’t bother me. I really liked how this anime tackled on the issues of man’s increasing dependency on technology and existentialism. I really liked how the anime used religion as an integral part of the plot. Despite what other people may say, I really enjoyed this.

Hourou Musuko

This anime is very good. It tackles a teen’s puberty dilemma: gender issues & establishing one’s identity and how they deal with it. I think that this was the ‘mental’ anime of this winter season.

Mitsudomoe S2

I love this. I really do. I mean HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THE MARUI TRIPLETS AND THEIR ANTICS?! This is a must watch.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

This anime delivered surprisingly well. It managed to mix in right amounts of fanservice and has a good plot and humor and it managed to keep from degenerating into a mindless harem anime.

Infinite Stratos

For a harem anime this one’s okay… This has probably the densest male lead in a harem anime, ever. This has successfully merged mecha and harem on one anime. Also, it has Charlotte. HHHHHNNNNGGGG~


It is enjoyable to watch the interactions between Victorique (pronounced as biktorika) and Kujo and how they solve mysteries together. I’ve also come to like Grevil as well. My only gripe is that it may come down to that Victorique may become the anime’s only attraction.

Level E.

This anime probably is in contention for best anime for this winter season. Seemingly not having a central plot at all, this anime solidly delivers. It has humor and the characters are very interesting. I guarantee that there will never be a dull moment while watching this anime. For those who haven’t watched this yet, you have to watch this, seriously.

Madoka Magica

This arguably may be the best anime this winter season in my opinion. What started out as ‘just another magical girl anime’ with beautiful background visuals by Studio Shaft quickly captivated me by episode 3. This anime changed what I expected of the Mahou Shoujo genre. Everything about this anime is just damn awesome. I love this anime to death and with Gen Urobochi holding out on the last two episodes, I can’t wait for the conclusion of this anime. I recommend this to anybody who watches anime.

So there you have it folks, hope you enjoyed lots of the winter anime batch! Which of the winter anime did you enjoy the most, dear reader?


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