Quick first impressions – Sket Dance

From the sea of spring 2011 anime block, here comes Sket Dance! I would like to say that from the first few seconds of the anime, I was instantly hooked.

Upon hearing the BGM for the first few seconds of the anime, I knew this will be definitely a keeper, and boy it sure was!

Sket Dance is about a club that helps people, its members an odd bunch: a yankee girl who has a weakness for things cute, an otaku who speaks through a computer and doesn’t open his mouth and the leader who’s like a younger version of Eikichi Onizuka but with more brains and more of a goofball.

I loved the music, its oozing with punk rock aesthetics mirroring the feel of the Sket Dan club.

The premise of the story is good though the real shine of this anime is the humor, episode 1 has me laughing almost non-stop. Also the way they solved the transfer student’s request is very GTO-ish in awesomeness. Also the way Sket Dance was shown on the OP sequence is oddly reminiscent of Bleach for some reason.

For some reason, the episode 1 of Sket Dance is very reminiscent of GTO for me… This anime for me is definitely a keeper. This is a must watch.


3 thoughts on “Quick first impressions – Sket Dance

  1. It’s great that you like it too, since I was pleasantly surprised at how well done this first ep was.

    I had my fears on whether this would be a decent adaptation but this was a good start. I hope it only improves from here as we get into the better comedy gags 😀

    • From the way things Episode 1 showed us, I think this anime will be good. I’m just hoping the anime will pull off the more serious parts of the story as well as it did with the comedy gags. 😉

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