The Super Dimensional Mecha Fight – Sai Mecha is now here!

Recently, a tournament to vote which is the best mecha is started by fellow aniblogger Executive Otaku, thus the Sai Mecha is created! ITS TIME TO KNOW WHICH IS THE BEST MECHA IN EXISTENCE! ANYTHING GOES!

Here’s an illustration on how the matches will go.

Today will be the “Earth Side” mecha going at it. Basically I’m here to campaign for my picks.

And here are the matches.

VF-25 Messiah (Macross Frontier 2008) vs. Evangelion Unit 01 Test Type (Neon Genesis Evangelion 1994)

My pick – Unit 01. It has a unique mecha design, and among all the mechs I’ve seen, Evas are the most human-like as far as mecha designs are concerned. It also has the unique berserk mode that can shred any Valkyries with no effort. Also, Shinji will be more manlier than Alto-hime can be. (Sorry ghostlightning, we’re totally at odds on this one)

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Mobile Suite Gundam Unicorn 2010) vs. Gunbuster (Aim for the Top! Gunbuster 1988)

My pick – Gunbuster. As much as Gundam Unicorn is awesome, Gunbuster is better, because it blurs the boundary between Super Robot and Real Robot. Gunbuster is a mech in space, so its a real robot, but it has Super Robot elements like combining mechs and calling out the attack name loudly while executing. Oh, and Gunbuster is totally big and epic.

Tachikoma (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2002) vs. Mazinkaiser Skull (Mazinkaiser SKL 2010)

My pick – Mazinkaiser Skull. Its big, its fucking manly and it has a BIG SWORD. Tachikoma can’t do shit against MasinKaiser Skull.

Giant Robo (Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still 1991) vs. Gurren Mk. II (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 2006)

My pick – Guren Mk. II. Giant Robo is an old relic and it deserves to rest in the old hangar where it belongs. Guren’s mech design feels much more realistic and it has one of the sexiest cockpit views ever when piloted by its pilot.

VF-1S (Super Dimension Fortress Macross 1982) vs. ∀ Gundam (∀ Gundam 1999)

My pick – VF-1S. Darn it, why vote for a bearded Gundam?! The VF-1S is a time tested icon and because of it we have Macross Frontier that we all enjoy today.

NZ-666 Kshatriya (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 2010) vs. Evangelion Unit 02 Production Type (Neon Genesis Evangelion 1994)

My pick – Unit 02. I’ll admit, Kshatriya is awesome but it went down hard against the NT-D. The Unit 02 has one of the most memorable mecha pilots in history and its fight against the mass produced EVAs is arguably one of the best mecha fights in history.

MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki (Mobile Suit Z Gundam 1985) vs. MSN-06S Sinanju (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 2010)

My pick – Hyaku Shiki. The two units has basically one thing in common, The Red Comet. However, the Hyaku Shiki is piloted by the original while Sinanju is piloted by a clone. Besides, Hyaku Shiki is piloted by a good guy Char.

So there you have it, these are my mecha picks for this “Earth side” bracket! Mecha fans and also non-mecha fans, please support Sai Mecha! Go vote now!


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