Quick first impressions – Yondemasuyo! Azazel-san!

From the underworld, the Spring anime season 2011 summons Azazel-san!

In Yondemasuyo! Azazel-san!, a detective summons a demon to help solve cases and the fun starts from there.

At first glance this may look like a shonen because of the preview poster but that’s not the case. Its total comedy almost right out of the bat.

First thing I noticed is that I loved the demon designs of the anime, becuase they look so cute and endearing. Also I liked the comedy, its nicely executed.

Second is that I loved the demon summoning ritual in the anime. Normally when thinking of demon summoning, first thing comes to mind is a grotesque crature coming out then tries to blodily kill you or steal your soul, but that’s not the case in the anime because the demons come out doing mundanne stuff such as eating breakfast Japanese style, sitting on a toilet bowl doing excretion or humping a female demon, which was illustrated in a very funny manner.

I liked all the characters thus far. The student part-timer who becomes Azazel’s new master, the sadistic detective though personally, the best character for me thus far is Azazel-san himself because he gives a new meaning to the term demonic efficiency. You’ll know what I mean when ytou watch the first episode. 😉

Its really interesting how Yondemasuyo! Azazel-san! pokes fun at the occult art of demon summoning and turn it into a comedy. This anime is very promising, I think.


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