Kuro’s J-pop recommends – Chill music

You know dear reader, I’m usually stressed out lately and when I’m stressed out, I listen to anisongs and j-pop music to chill and calm my nerves.

Allow me to recommend some good anisongs and j-pop music perfect for relaxation and chilling out!

Koi wa Mizuiro by Yukana
This is the 4th ED theme of Amagami SS and possibly one of the classiest anisongs out there. This song just never gets old. Arguably, this is the best song in Amagami SS in my opinion.

Feel so good by Supercell
I’ll tell you, you’ll never go wrong with Supercell music. Let Nagi’s vocals coupled by the jazzy beats of the song relax you. This song is just smooth chilling.

Sayonara by Round Table feat.Nino
From the group that sang the very popular Chobits OP theme. This song is from their Distance album.This bossa-nova tune is one of the best relaxation songs for any j-pop lover!

Rainbow by Round Table feat.Nino
This is the ED theme of Aria the animation. Let the acoustic tunes and sweet vocals soothe and calm your nerves.

Beautiful by Round Table feat.Nino
This is an insert song form the anime .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet. As much as the only famous songs of Round Table are their anisongs, let me tell you that almost every song by Round Table is perfect for relaxation.

There you have it! Hope this post helped introduced you to some good chill j-pop music an you’ll enjoy them!


2 thoughts on “Kuro’s J-pop recommends – Chill music

  1. I was exposed to Round Table Feat. Nino when i watched NHK ni yokoso! and i absolutely love her songs from then. When i first watch chobits , i didn’t like them as much. I guess taste of music do change when you get older! XD

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