Kuro’s J-pop recommends – Visual Novel Music

Visual Novels are more than just interactive stories that you play, it also has some great j-pop tunes, and now I’ll be sharing to you, dear reader, some recommended Visual Novel music~

Samsara from Kira Kira
This is off the OST of the Kira Kira VN. I think this is treated as an “alternate hit” of the in game band Happy Cycle Mania. I really the melodious harmony of this rock song. Great listen!

Kimi no Motto e from Kira Kira
Arguably, this song is the best song in the game (although all songs in this VN is great and I mean it). Slow start, slowly progressing to a great rock song. This song is arguably, illustrates the VN.

Answer from G Senjou no Maou
This is the OP theme of G Senjou no Maou VN. This very good! I think this is one of the best songs doujin singer Katakiri Rekka.

Kibou no Uta from DEARDROPS
This is basically awesome awesome violin rock. The OST of this game is also very good and every track is very enjoyable to listen to and highly compared to Kira Kira because of the music (and the story). I really like the aggressive, fast paced nature of this song.

そっとあたためて from DEARDROPS
This is off the Last Waltz mini album of the DEARDROPS VN. I really like the poppy, laid back, upbeat tune of this song!

– 深紅の呂旗-The ONE- from Koihime Musou
From the VN Koihime Musou. I think this is one good j-pop tune. I especially liked the guitars on this song!

Under the Same Sky from Family Project~Kazoku Keikaku~
This is the OP theme of the VN Family Project, sung by the group I’ve Sound. This is pretty much standard j-pop, but what I really like about the song is that it captures the essence of the game. Just hearing the song makes my manly tears flow.

Is the Sorority House Burning? from Kango Schicyauzo 2
Kango Schicyauzo is of those very old-school eroge and you’ll never never expect eroges to have very classy OP themes such as this. The OST for this is really had to find nowadays.

Spring has come from Da Capo II
This is the normal ending theme from Da Capo II. I really liked the refreshingly relaxing upbeat tempo of this song. I think its one of the best VN ED themes.

If… ~I Wish~ from Da Capo II
This is the Otome route ED theme from Da Capo II. Gosh, this song is just full of emotion. Hearing this song makes me wanna cry.

Glass Shoes from Saya no Uta
This is off the Saya no Uta OST. This is arguably one of the best VN songs I have listened to. Kanako Itou does this song great justice. This song is perfection.

There you have it, here are some good Visual Novel music recommendations! I hope you enjoy listening to them and maybe get into playing Visual Novels. I hope you enjoyed this post, dear reader! ^^


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