Kuro’s J-pop focus – Natural High

I’ve just discovered this duo who play really great classy music. I really recommend that you take listen to their music because this is totally awesome music. I present to you, Natural High

From what I can see, they’re a duo who makes really great chill music. Info and material from Natural High are quite scarce outside Japan, thus only a really few fans know of them outside Japan. They did both the OP & Ed themes of the anime Bartender. I’ve searched far and wide for info about Natural High, but to no avail, I really can’t find any info about them. if someone has info about them, it will be greatly appreciated! Anyway, here’s a sample of their awesome music.

As I’ve said earlier before, finding stuff by Natural High is really hard, so I’ll be giving you a little something so you can fully sample Natural High’s music, right here.

I hope you’ll like Natural High’s music as much as I do! Hope you enjoyed this post~


4 thoughts on “Kuro’s J-pop focus – Natural High

  1. Thank you for this download link! I’ve actually been searching for info on this duet for years now, to no avail of course. I did find someone on Youtube who uploads some of their songs.

  2. Thank you for the songs! I discovered the anime “Bartender” today and I’ve been looking for more information about the musicians!

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