Typemoon and Nitro+: Leading the rise of Visual Novels in anime

As of late , visual novels are a new emerging visual medium which people in Japan are enjoying, and more people outside Japan are discovering and in thinking of visual novels, the first few things that come into mind are Typemoon and Nitro+.

Typemoon and Nitro+ are two of the leading visual novel makers in Japan

Typemoon is famous for their Tsukihime and Fate/ series visual novels. Both visual novels enjoyed high success and got manga and anime adaptations. Also, both visual novels by Tapemoon have a stable fanbase.

Nitro+ is famous for their works such as Chaos;Head, Demonbane, Steins;Gate, and Saya no Uta. Chaos;Head, Demonbane and Steins;Gate got the manga and anime treatment with Steins;Gate currently airing, and Saya no Uta enjoyed immense success and is quite a staple amongst visual novel lovers.

Typemoon and Nitro+ collaborated once to create the visual novel Fate/zero.

Typemoon and Nitro+ are leading the charge to make visual novels more recognized in anime and manga.


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