Why you should vote for EVA-01 in Sai Mecha

Its time again for a Sai Mecha campaign post! It now down to the semi-finals and the battle has been fierce. It has now come down to the Final Four, all of them winners for reaching this far. The battle will be fiercer at this point.

I’ll cut to the chase, I’ll be campaigning for EVA-01, and why you should vote for it in this round, in which you should do.

1. Because EVA-01 uses an ordinary giant sword LIKE A BOSS

2. Because EVA-01 is a beast in battle and is full of win.

3 Because a pissed off Shinji and a berserk EVA-01 is pure unstoppable. Can anybody stop this? I don’t think so.

4. Because Shinji is a MAN. He gets the girls… and the guys.

5. Because EVA-01 is one of the best Super Robots in existence. Its a fact.

There you have it, dear reader! Plain simple reasons why you should vote the EVA-01 for the semi-finals in Sai Mecha. I hope that you’ll vote EVA-01 in this round of Sai Mecha.

Dear mecha fans and anime fans, please support EVA-01 and Sai Mecha! Go vote now!

Voting – Polls close at 23:59 EST on 3 June


10 thoughts on “Why you should vote for EVA-01 in Sai Mecha

  1. The VFs are mass-produced robots, and the 3 mode-configuration would allow the VFs to be fast, agile and deadly.

    On to the counter attack for the VFs
    1. Instead of using giant swords blah blah blah, the early VFs use their fists for melee.
    2. Any VF, with the correct pilot, is a beast in battle
    3. An Ace VF pilot with a standard VF would also be unstoppable in battle
    5. One of the best super robots is the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie.

    • For counter reasoning…

      1. VF’s won’t ever go melee if it wasn’t for Max discovering the patented pinpoint barrier punch. By heart, VF’s are ranged fighters and yer missile spam is the only thing spectacular about it.
      2. Max and Basara are the only monsters in VF’s, not enough to stop a pissed off Shinji.
      3. Refer to number 2.
      4. The VF aces only get two girls max. Shinji has more girls than any VF ace. The only ace exempted to the 2 girl rule is Basara Nekki, the guy has lots of fangirls.
      5. I won’t disagree with you there. 🙂

      Also… REALFAG.

  2. Bah! Your first reason is disqualified because SRW Evangelion is non-canon! F-Type armour never made Eva-01 that badass in the TV show! That Shinji is one who has spent months fighting beside Sanger Zanvolt, OF COURSE that makes him cool wielding a sword! Your logic and reasoning otherwise, I can respect. And at least you are voting for the only Super Robot left in the whole tournament. 😦

  3. Shinji being badass has me conflicted, that’s not really what he’s supposed to be, even if it does make him more likeable. I preferred the TV-version of that scene, EVA-01 going berserk is always a sight to behold.

    BTW, you voted for Captain Zaku too, right?

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