Remembering Tomoko Kawakami

This is a sad news for seiyuu fans and anime fans alike. Tomoko Kawakami, one of the best veteran seiyuus around passed away recently at age 40, battling ovarian cancer. She is best remembered for her roles as the cute fairy Sugar in A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Soi Fon of Bleach, Rosette Christopher in Chrno Crusade, Hikaru Shindo in Hikaru on Go, Merrill in Rune Soldier Louie, Chiriko in Fushigi Yugi and arguably the role she is known best for, Utena Tenjo in Revolutionary Girl Utena

Tomoko Kwakami is arguably one of the best female seiyuus out there, able to voice a wide variety of characters such as young boys(Hikaru Shindo, Chiriko), teen girls(Rosette Christopher, Utena Tenjo) and comedy characters(Merrill). As a fan of hers, this was just too soon, and she’s only 40.

Let’s remember Tomoko Kawakami-san by watching some of her memorable roles in action.

Chiriko(Kawakami) of Fushigi Yugi

Soi Fon(Kawakami) talking to Urahara Kisuke about the Bounts (Bleach)

This is perhaps one of the most memorable scenes in the Adolescence of Utena where Utena(Kawakami) transforms into a car (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Thank you, Kaawakami Tomoko-san for sharing your talents with us and voicing some of the very memorable characters in anime.


4 thoughts on “Remembering Tomoko Kawakami

  1. This is quite a shock to me, and it must be some some wacky coincidence that I’ve just recently begun my first viewing of Utena. I loved her voice from episode 1, and I looked her up on her ANN bio page. I stopped by your blog, and the first thing I saw was the picture of Tomoko. I didn’t recognize her name who she was right away, but she looked mighty familiar… then I read your post, thinking the whole time “man I hope this isn’t the Utena seiyuu…”

    Then I was sad.

    • Yeah, as a fan of hers, I’m really sad as well, it was just too soon. Tomoko has put so much pathos in voicing Utena, its brilliant, but to be honest, Tomoko’s roles that I love to the core are her Merrill from Rune Soldier Louie and Sugar from Snow Fairy Sugar. Those were memorable characters.

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