Watching the NBA Finals with fellow anime fans (a kinda personal post and basketball stuff)

Aside from being an anime fan, I’m also a sports fan and being a sports fan, NBA Finals is a must watch for me and the only thing better than watching the NBA Finals alone is watching the NBA Finals with fellow anime fans!

Forgive me dear reader, if this post will be somewhat a kind of personal post.

I for one, am a basketball fan and as I’ve said earlier, I try to watch the NBA Finals as much as I can, because there only few things that can top off the excitement the NBA Finals bring, and while the Finals are exciting and all, watching the NBA Finals alone sometimes really take the excitement off the experience. I can marathon anime all alone for days but the NBA Finals is an experience that needs to be shared, in my opinion.

For this 2011 NBA Finals featuring Dallas Maverics vs. Miami Heat, I have been watching with krizzlybear, emperorj, Crusader and 6ry and let me tell you, it has been awesome watching the Finals with these guys. It was like a whole new experience, cheering the Mavs, grilling LeBron on his poor 4th quarter performances, discussing stuff during halftime, everything was a new experience for me and I just want to say its been an honor watching the 2011 NBA Finals with these guys. The NBA Finals for me, is truly an experience better with friends.

As far as I am concerned, this championship should and must be won by the Mavs. Dirk, Jet and J.Kidd all deserve that championship ring. The Mavs is a real team, focusing on pure and unselfish teamplay and is a 5 man show, not like the other team who is just all BIG 3. I just don’t like the Heat now. I really hope that the Mavs will close out series on Game 6.

Game 6 is soon upon us and Dallas is leading the series, 3-2. Its either the Mavs get their first championship reign or the Heat forces a game 7.

So, I just wanna ask, how many of you there anime fans are also sports fans?


6 thoughts on “Watching the NBA Finals with fellow anime fans (a kinda personal post and basketball stuff)

  1. I was so happy when Dirk won the MVP trophy. He really deserves it. I’m not much into basketball, but this is our first professional championship trophy of any kind in 12 years! 😀

  2. Great post! I can’t tell if this is old or not or if you’ll even read this, but I am another anime/NBA junkie! Lol. I am from San Antonio Tx. And yes, I am a diehard SA SPURS fan! Yeah! Lol. My favorite animes are One Piece, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, HunterXHunter, Attack On Titan, FLCL, Fairy Tail, and maaaaaaany others. Lol. The first four are in order from favorite to least, and after that its in no particular order. Well, just thought finding a fellow NBA and anime fan was cool. Later man! Take care.


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