BLOOD-C: First impressions

So according to the previews, BLOOD-C will be a new original anime. I suppose a new addition to the Blood anime franchise won’t hurt and will be worth a watch sometime in the future, but upon seeing CLAMP’s Nanase Okawa as the head writer, this anime has jumped on my “must watch” list because I’m pretty curious on how this anime will turn out with CLAMP on the helm for this anime.

One thing I instantly noticed is that Saya is such a upbeat normal girl. Now, I watched both the Blood movie and Blood+ and the Saya I know is a dark and serious person and seeing Saya as normal as ever is a pleasant change. Saya is training to be a miko, klutzy, upbeat, sings cheerful songs on her way to school… She is your typical CLAMP girl.

Being a vampire killer, she still has her trademark athleticism which is pretty normal for her.

Saya’s classmates are pretty much normal, except for those twins that speak at the same time, which really cracks me up and that mysterious male classmate who I’m guessing is will be an important character in the later episodes. After class she exits pretty quickly for an errand which turns out to be exterminating a vampire. The vampire battle scene really reminded me that this is a Blood anime and this is a new Saya I’m watching as she was manhandled at first before being able to finish off the vampire.

I’d say that CLAMP did a great job on infusing their own elements while still being true to the Blood franchise. This anime has really piqued my interest and I’m curious how this new Blood anime will turn out.


2 thoughts on “BLOOD-C: First impressions

  1. Loving Saya already. She maybe a klutz but she knows how to kickass when it needs to be.

    Nana Mizuki is doing a fantastic job as well. Love the ending, voice and her song in the anime.

  2. I was pretty hesitant about watching this because I haven’t seen Blood+ or any other related works. But knowing that this is a new original work does make me want to add this to my list.

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