Usagi Drop: First impressions

Usagi Drop is simply awesome, in my humble opinion. I’m not joking.

Right now, I just finished watching Usagi Drop episode 1 and I am just awed by how good this is.

First off, both the OP and ED themes fit so well with the anime! The songs are so good and they’re perfect for those chill listening moments. I daresay that the OP and ED songs are on the caliber of Honey and Clover good. Simply saying, I love the OP and ED themes of the anime so much.

Secondly, the coloring and art of the anime is so gorgeous! The art of the anime feels its done to a fun watercolor finish. The illustration of the anime feels really organic.

At this point, I’d like to talk a couple of things highlighted in the episode.

First is the focus on Rin and Reina; episode 1 did a good job on highlighting the stark difference between the two kids. I like how it points out that most kids of ‘modern’ parents tend to be really hyperactive and most of the time can be quite a pain to adults while kids raised in a ‘traditional’ manner seem to be more prim and proper (with Rin being raised by an elderly person). I admit that I was like Reina when I was a young kid and boy, upon seeing Rin, I imagined how much was a problem child I was to my parents back then…

Second is that how society treats illegitimate children. Society treat illegitimate children as something like an unwanted refuse and therefore are put into orphanages. I really liked how the episode highlighted the fact that people don’t want to take responsibility of taking care a kid because she is a fruit of the deceased person’s affair. When Daikichi decided to take care of Rin, it was for me a a cut from the vicious cycle of society looking down on illegitimate children. It was just so fucking awesome.

One final thing is that bellflower scene in he episode is such a tearjerker and also furthers the contrast between Reina and Rin.

I am so loving Usagi Drop very much. I definitely plan to watch the entirety of this anime series.


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