Dantalian no Shoka: Short first impressions

I have been looking forward to this anime since I found out that GAINAX will be taking helm of its animation and boy, do I like it!

First of all, Miyuki Sawashiro did a good job of voicing Dalian. She certainly made yes such a cute word when uttered by Dalian. He proficiency in English really helped her in this role. Daisuke Ono also did a great job in voicing Huey.

I really liked the theme of books for an anime. I am an avid reader of books so I really was happy learning that this anime had the ‘book’ theme.

I really liked the kinda dark atmosphere the anime gives. The scene where Huey read the phantom book and the dark images with Huey’s flashbacks was beautifully done and what really made me like the anime so much.

Finally, The ED theme sequence is really totally gorgreous! Dark gothic song with dark gothic visuals is just plain awesome! (Although I think I’m alone in loving Dantalian no Shoka’s ED theme).

In summary, I like Dantalian no Shoka very much. Its a definite keeper for me this summer anime season.


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