Kuro’s ramblings about the penguins of Mawaru Penguindrum

Mawaru Penguindrum thus far is a visual feast this summer block and there a lot of things that other anibloggers and anime fans are raving about the anime, but for me this show is a must watch because of a certain element.

The penguins.

But why the penguins, you say? Because they’re awesome and cute! …and because it wouldn’t be Mawaru Penguindrum without the penguins.

But seriously speaking, what I really liked about the penguins in this anime (aside from being awesomely cute) is that they are subtle reflections of their owners’ personality. If one can judge a man’s character through observing his friends, then the audience can judge the character of each of the Takakura sibling’s character by observing that character’s pet penguin. The penguins are a part of a subtle exposition in the anime in the sense that they are representative of the characters’ actions and character.

Penguin no.1 is a representative of Kanba Takakura, which sports more of a “gangster kid” look. Kanba is known for being popular with women, being able to date and dump them as he pleases and is more aggressive than his bother, Shoma. No.1 mirrors Kanba in the sense that in in surveillance and raiding missions of Kanba, No.1 is a more willing accomplice and is aggressive. Also, No.1 mirrors Kanba’s lady killing personality in a sense that he aggressively peeps in girls’ panties. In episode 2, while raiding Ringo’s home, No.1 is playing around with a panty in which Kanba dismissively throws No.1 while still engrossed with the female underwear can be interpreted as his dismissive attitude towards girls.

Penguin no.2 is Shoma Takakura’s, which is more plain looking. One common denominator is that both are used for comedic fashion. One thing about Shoma is that he is used in comedic fashion during Survival Strategy scenes when he to be comically thrown into a hole whenever Himari enters Survival Strategy, when he says things that often annoy the Penguin Hat; No.2 is often seen suddenly spraying insects with insect repellent in comedic fashion. Other than that, No.2 is seen doing mundane things most of the time, which is reflective of Shoma’s currently timid personality.

No.3 is Himari Takakura’s, which sports a ribbon on its head. Not much is revealed about Himari as of yet other than that she is a kind and gentle girl. No.3 can be seen doing girly things with Himari most of the time.

Now, I’ve said that Mawaru Penguindrum is a visual feat, right? The penguins are definitely an essentially integral part of the visual feast. After all, the anime is called Mawaru Penguindrum.


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