Kuro’s J-pop focus – Touhou Jazz

Okay, how fail of me to nearly forget that I actually have a blog because of music. For all the people who know me on Google+ and Twitter, I think you know that I have varied tastes in music, but lately, I’m having a strong inclination towards Touhou jazz.

… And now I’m here to share the music love to all who appreciate good Jazz music. Treat this post as a sort of an introduction to Touhou jazz for the beginner.

In this post, I’ll be telling on which doujin circles and music producers in the Touhou jazz area are worth checking out.

First up is the doujin circle Azure & Sands. These guys make real good jazz. What I really like about them is the fact that they can make any kind of jazz, from perky to chill, and it still sounds awesome.

Here is something fast paced and lively jazz from Azure & Sands. Take note of how awesome the flute is the main in this piece and how awesome the keyboards subtly shift from main to support.

RD-sounds is another doujin circle that is known in the Touhou jazz area. Their works are mostly piano-centric with jazz influences.

This one here is a hauntingly beautiful piece by RD-Sounds which starts with the piano then the entrance of the cello (I think its the cello, correct me if I’m wrong) further accentuates the haunting essence of the song and with the other acoustics accentuating the serenity of the song. This piece gives me the chills.

When talking about Touhou jazz, I can’t forget about the circle SWING HOLIC Everything these guys make is just damn good.

This piece is I think one of the best I’ve heard from them which is very chill, I’m really liking the urban feel of this piece which is accentuated by the saxophone.

There pretty much many more producers and doujin circles out there that produce good Touhou jazz, but I’m leaving it all up to you, dear reader to discover them. I hope that I was able to spread the music love to you, dear reader.

See you next time, dear reader!


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