Kuro’s ramblings about Kanba Takakura on episode 6.

If you’ve watched Mawaru Penguindrum episode 6 or read other aniblogs, I think you’ve seen that death was the big focal point for episode 6. Momoka, Ringo’s dead sister is a huge driving force for her self proclaimed mission.

But it is not only in Ringo’s side of things that has been dealing with death.

Kanba is getting his hands full of a certain kind of “death”. A certain Natsume Masako is targeting Kanba’s ex-girlfriends and is erasing their memories of Kanba. Isn’t being forgotten by the people you know is the same thing as dying?

When the two girls were shot by Natsuko by the red ball on the forehead, the both first accused each other as being sluts in a seemingly mind controlled fashion then this happens then the girls don’t remember anything about Kanba anymore. All of this happened in front of Kanba himself which causes him to freak out. Even I was freaked out by this scene, it was so damn surreal.

Personally, I think the girls accusing each other as sluts in a mind controlled fashion is a representation of the repressed desires of the girls, and that they may still harbor romantic feelings for Kanba even though he already dumped them. It is also a display to Kanba of what was about to disappear, which was their feelings and memories of the person named Kanba Takakura, and when those disappeared, the name Kanba Takakura became nonexistent for the girls; it was as if the person named Kanba Takakura was either nonexistent or dead.

… And from the looks of it, looks like Kanba will be quite busy on his own for a while.

So much for Kanba’s side of things…


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