Kuro’s J-pop focus – 96猫 (for the new (and old) Vocaloid fan)

Err… Yes, I apologize for not being able to write a post sooner because I haven’t been feeling well as of late and schoolwork is rearing its ugly head… So yeah, Gomenasai.

But one think I’m pretty certain is that I have been on prowl for some good vocaloid musi- I mean covers this past few weeks. And because there’s this certain vocaloid cover artist I’m really in love with this past few months so I decided to put the said Nico Nico singer on the spotlight. Introducing to you vocaloid fans, new and experienced, 96猫

Okay, I’ll be the first to say that this Nico Nico singer’s voice is pretty awesome. Period. Don’t mistake the male avatar though, because she’s totally a girl. I think that her greatest asset as a cover singer is that she can change the tone and timbre of her voice, allowing her to sing high and low , booming and soothing voices. Oh she can also sing male and female voices convincingly. The song that won me over her singing voice was her cover of Happy Synthesizer with Len Kagamine. It is also the best cover of Happy Synthesizer in my opinion (and other fans’ opinion too!). She usually cover Len Kagamine songs, but she covers others songs too.

So yeah, time to look at some of her nice covers!

Comments – I really like her using of her big voice in a rather smooth manner as shown in this song. The blending of the awesome acoustic guitar and her voice is magical in this song. This song never fails to put me on chill mode.

Comments – I think she’s used more of her natural voice on this song. I’m just gonna say that this is one of her best covers.

Matoryoshika (96猫 x vip:店長)
Comments – This cover of 96猫 and vip:店長 is really fun, especially the omake at the beginning when they just talking about bloomers. Also, 96猫 who is a girl is singing with a male voice and vip:店長 who is a male is doing a girl voice.

Comments – I really like 96猫’s shifting of light and heavy voice in this song.

Oh well, and I’m done! Here are some videos so you can sample her voice! Hope you enjoy, vocaliod and J-pop fans! Until next post, dear reader! =)


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