Quick final thoughts – Tiger & Bunny

Wow! Tiger & Bunny has finally ended, and it ended quite nicely! But to be honest, I never expected the anime to go through the distance.

Tiger & Bunny is one of those anime that is kinda ‘hit or miss’ at the start. Its either you like it or drop it after the ‘3 episode test’. You know, its one of those anime that does not suck but not really great either, but really, I’m thankful that Tiger & Bunny started that way, because it just became awesome as the episodes went on.

One thing about this anime is that when watching the first few episodes of the anime, it gives out this blah feeling and you’ll never really expect it to get better… then it actually gets better.

Oh, also props for not devolving into a total BL fest and instead focusing on the superhero aspect of the story. I actually thought at first this will be a BL anime. I was glad to be proven wrong.

Also, I really liked the overall artwork and visuals of the anime. It really felt that I’m watching one of those awesome western superhero cartoons turned anime. The anime also had great OP/ED themes.

One thing though, the ending for the series is done in such a way that I feel that some loose ends are intentionally not closed. Season 2 imminent, anyone?

Overall, this is one good anime!


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