Quick final thoughts – Nichijou

I’ve just finished Nichijou. Best feeling and kinda sad at the same time. I’ll be honest here and say Nichijou is one of the best slice of life anime I have ever watched.

Nichijou is one of those slice of life anime that you either drop it or watch it all the way. You might drop it because of all the lolrandom humor and the jokes are kinda hard to get (assuming that you are a western amime watcher), and I really won’t blame you if you did drop it.

For those who watched it and went through the distance, watching Nichijou is… like love. It slowly grows on you.

Nichijou for me is an experience that slowly grows on you every time you watch it, then at a certain point you just realize that you love it and feel a small attachment to the characters.

One thing amazing about Nichijou is that it has no fanservice in each episode whatsoever, yet each episode manages to be awesome. Nichijou is the proof that moe does not need excessive fanservice to be appealing.

All the characters, including the side characters are pretty great. I really applaud Nichijou for giving all the characters the spotlight. I loved all the Nano/Hakase skits and segments in the anime. I personally think that Nano and Hakase has made moe more appealing and tons cuter. I also liked that Nichijou used various ED themes for the second half of the series, using some of the timeless Japanese classics as ED theme. Special congrats to Minoru Shiraishi for a godly performance as Sakamoto the cat.

All in all, Nichijou is one of those that you may drop after the 3 episode test if lolrandom jokes are not your thing, but if you will not drop it, each episode is a very fun anime watching experience.


6 thoughts on “Quick final thoughts – Nichijou

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Some of the jokes weren’t that funny, but once it grew on you, every skit that involved one of the characters became hilarious. It is a pity that I didn’t follow it along with everyone else, and instead marothoned through some parts, but nonetheless, a great anime, it really grew on you.

    The characters were all fantastic, I didn’t like the Professor and Nano at first, but they to grew on me.

    I would also like to note that this anime holds a lot of rewatch value.

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