Kuro’s J-pop focus: The personification of Hatsune Miku

Okay, we all know what Vocaloid is, they’re basically computer voices, but with masterful songs they become more than mere computer voices.

Personally, I like my songs with much emotion something I feel lacking with the mainstream j-pop/k-pop (and even western music) today. Although there are still good gems in mainstream j-pop/k-pop I feel that its just all boy bands, girl bands and J-rockers ripping off each other.

This is where the vocaloid Miku Hatsune comes in, she offers sweet music in the midst of copy-pasta mainstream music. Personally, I think these songs by Miku Hatsune has more emotion than all of the mainstream copy-pasta music put together, because it is the vocaloid Miku Hatsune as herself that is talking to you through the songs.
On to the songs!

Hajimete no Oto
→In this song, Miku Hatsune tells the listener that she may be unchanging and unable to go along with the changes of the world, she will always be there for those who wants to listen to her sing. This has to be one of the most emotional Vocaloid songs I have ever heard.

→The song is about Miku’s gratitude to VOCALOID users for giving her a song to sing, and how she wants to move people with her song. The 3D PV of the song has reached 1 million views on both Nico Nico Douga and Youtube.

→In this song, Miku sings her gratitude of being “unpacked” and receiving singing ability. What’s funny in this certain video is that in the comments, people are posting where are they listening from. Looks like Miku Hatsune has many listeners around the world!

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku~DEAD END~
→Arguably one of Miku Hatsune’s best classics, this is famous because of the insane speed this song is sang with tempo reaching an upper limit of 240BPM about Miku’s uninstallation. She realizes that she is not equal to a human being, still her wish is to keep on singing. It is this song that has roped me into being a loyal Vocaloid fan.

Yes, Miku Hatsune maybe just a computer program but thanks to all the vocaloid users and through these songs, Miku becomes an entity that is more than just 0’s and 1’s, she becomes like a person capable of projecting more emotion in a song than all manufactured mainstream pop songs put together will ever be able to, and that is why I love Miku Hatsune so much.


2 thoughts on “Kuro’s J-pop focus: The personification of Hatsune Miku

  1. There are some great Vocaloid songs out there..and I mean the lyrics, the instrumental and the voices all comprised into one great and beautiful product. This software creates a link bewteen creativity and the daily music needs. Probably that’s why it had huge success to the public.

    • “This software creates a link between creativity and the daily music needs.” is kinda another way of saying Vocaloid has made producing music easier, which is pretty much true and it gave way for a new batch of talented composers and sound producers.

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