Quick first impressions: Persona 4 the animation

Persona 4 anime was one of the most anticipated anime this Fall 2011 anime block, and it does live to the hype.

I believe that this post should be divided into two parts: To those who hasn’t played the original game, and to those who already played the game.

To those who hasn’t played the original game…

The anime is clearly a supernatural mystery anime. A young transfer student from the city who moves to the countryside, where everything is peace and quiet until mysterious kidnapping and murder cases sweep the countryside and with the local police can’t do much, transfer student Yu Narukami and his friends must solve the mystery behind all the kidnappings and murders, before its too late.

The visuals are superb, that’s one thing I could say and the music and the BGM has this modern contemporary feel which pretty awesome in my book. I love how the first episode has done a great job of setting itself up. This has me hooked and I’m definitely going to watch this.

To those who already played the game…

You guys basically know what to expect, which is awesomeness. There are minor differences from the game and the anime (which is to be expected), and despite few people feeling the first episode is kinda rushed, I think it is really well executed. Personally, I see this anime as a way of experiencing the joy and nostalgia all over again without the pain of level grinding. One thing I’m really looking out for is how he’ll max out his personality stats in the anime. I’m also very happy that the anime has the “feel” of the original source material. I guess I don’t have much to say now… One thing though for you guys, don’t spoil too much for those who hasn’t played the game, okay?


6 thoughts on “Quick first impressions: Persona 4 the animation

  1. This is my most anticipated anime. I only had a glimpsed of the game, but when it was announced that they will animate it I was really happy to read it. Hopefully, Persona4 will level up the mystery anime and bring it back to life, because lately, I’m not seeing any good mystery animations.

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  3. I just got the blu-ray collection yesterday and burned through it. While there is a teensy bit of pacing issues, overall I love the changes made in the interests of the story, and how much they’ve stayed true to. The visuals are dazzling and the humor is terrific.

    If you haven’t played the game, this would be all you’d need to get the story (though obviously you’d miss on depth). If you have, and you’re like me, you’re just digging the experience.

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