Quick first impressions: Hunter X Hunter 2011

This anime I have to go through the three episode test to see if this is worth keeping on my watch list, and this is what I have to say…

Personally, I think this is okay. Also, I’m liking the OP and ED theme of the anime. While the remake has been compressing 3 episodes of the old one into an episode or two, I think the execution of “compression” is coming off nicely thus far and I’m hoping that it would continue that way in the many episodes to come. I’m also liking the new voices for Hisoka and Killua. I think it suits the characters nicely.

That said, it is very unavoidable to compare the old version of the anime to the current remake for some (especially the oldfags). Personally, I really don’t want to do the comparing game and instead enjoy the remake until it finishes then I’ll say my piece. It has only been 3 episodes into the anime and it is too soon to critique it. I’d really like to see how the remake will play significant arcs like the Phantom Troupe arc, but seeing that Studio MADHOUSE is at the helm of it, I’m hopeful that they’ll do a good job of it.


One thought on “Quick first impressions: Hunter X Hunter 2011

  1. Hmm, first time watching this series. Animation looks really good, characters looke to be really fun to watch, looks pretty good for a shounen series. Beginning was kinda weak though.

    Keiji Fujiwara voicing a main character = will watch for another 5 eps. First series had 62 eps, so at least i don’t have to worry about length somewhat.

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