Kuro’s top 3 anime girls

I knew I had to do this list eventually, so now I’m doing it. In introspection, I found out that only 3 anime girls really had an impact on me because they really stand out in some way and not just merely cookie cutter characters or fanservice magnet like most 2D girls are. Who’s your top 3 anime girls, dear reader?

Without further ado, here goes!

Priss Asagiri (Bubblegum Crisis 2040)
The primary muscle of the Knight Sabers, Priss Asagiri. She meets any boomer threat that the Knight Sabers must exterminate head-on in her dark blue hardsuit and when not on Knight Sabers duty, she is a rock singer. What I really like about her is that she’s a rebel who constantly defies conventional authority and that she’s totally confident in her skills. Her rebellious nature is tempered with a good heart and sense of humor which I really liked. Watching her beat the crap out of boomers is always a treat. A rebel with a good heart who can sing well and kick ass is awesome in my book.

Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid)
Miku is dubbed as the ‘Internet Diva’, taking over the internet by storm. She has charmed many fans with her songs and it seems that she has many fans around the world. Miku Hatsune had a strong presence in Japan so much that she is the only virtual being able to perform in sold out concerts! It is thanks to Miku Hatsune (and Vocaloid in general) that many song producers were given a chance to showcase their talents, and we are able to enjoy awesome songs and music.

Misa Hayase(Macross)
Beauty, brains and inner strength in one package. She is the second in command of a giant fortress-spaceship and she’s got lots of inner strength to be able to put up with the antics of the pilots under her command and when she wants something, she will get it. She has a commanding presence that keeps the guys under her command in line yet she has that underlying strong femininity that made a certain pilot fall for her. Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier exhibits shades of her personality.

There you have it, my top 3 anime girls. If you notice, I like girls who are strong yet have a gentle womanly side to them. I’ve placed Miku Hatsune on second because she had such a strong cultural impact on Japan which is quite a feat for an anime girl. I do like lots of anime girls but it is these 3 anime girls that had left a strong impression on me.

‘Til next post, dear readers!

11 thoughts on “Kuro’s top 3 anime girls

  1. Nice list Kuro. I don’t know anything about Miku, but I really enjoyed Asagiri’s character in BC 2040, despite not being overly keen on the series in general. Hayase was another wonderful lead, although she did become somewhat self-pitying and subservient during the final arc. Still, next to Minmay she was a goddess!

    My current favourites would probably be:

    1. Admiral Spoor (Crest/Banner of the Stars)
    2. Ayane Yano (Kimi ni Todoke)
    3. Revy (Black Lagoon)

    Oh, and Osaka from Azumanga Diaoh is a given! 🙂

  2. I love Miku so damn much… I have to agree, she’s made a huge impact on Japan (and even America, where her concert this year was also sold out), and I’m also really glad all those people like Ryo and Huke (Black Rock Shooter, Love Is War), Hachi (Matryoshka, Lynne, Panda Hero), and Mothy (Antichlorobenzene, Paradichlorobenzene, Story of Evil, Seven Deadly Sins) have gotten a chance to show their stuff.

  3. I believe that having some favorite characters is a must these days. I mean with all the new media coming out day by day – it is hard to really like something that at first it’s intense but then it looks just like something ultra-ordinary.
    My top 3 would be:
    – Lucy [Elfen Lied]
    – Tomoe [Queen’s Blade]
    – Rena [Higurashi series].
    Every one of these characters has something that makes them credible. Each anime presents them in a attractive manner. And of course that they can be put into a complex character group. That’s why I prefer them.

  4. Nice list, although I’m only familiar with Miku, Priss Asagiri and Misa Hayase’s character descriptions are impressive. I also like female characters who are independent and smart but never lose their feminine side and cuteness. For me, as of now, my top three female characters are Nino (Arakawa), Rei Ayanami (Evangelion), and Mako (Black Rock Shooter).

    • Ah, Rei Ayanami. What I really like about Rei is that watching her character develop through out the series, its like watching a doll slowly gain her own identity.

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