Looking back at 2011 – Kuro’s top 5 anime OP’s of 2011

Anime OP sequences serves to ready the audience for what’s to come or entice them into watching an anime. In this post I write about my top 5 anime OP sequences of 2011.

Hanasaku Iroha OP 2, Omokage Warp by nano.RIPE
I already explained why I like this OP sequence in my 11th day of Christmas post so I think I really don’t need to expound on this.

Gintama OP 10, Dilemma by ecosystem
Shonen anime has always been a gateway for new anime fans to become jpop fans and Gintama is one such anime as it usually if not always has one of the best anime OP’s and introduces new jpop artists. I really like how this OP explained the coming arcs in such a awesomely serious fashion and that song always just perks me up every time I hear it.

Steins;Gate OP, Hacking through the Gate by Kanako Itou
A Kanako Itou song is always a great song and this proves it. What I really like about this is that the OP sequence does a great job of setting the audience up for the sci-fi roller coaster that they are about to undertake in watching this anime.

Nichijou OP 2, Hyadain no Jojo Yujo by Hyadain
Everything about this just damn catchy. Everything.

Tamayura~Hitotose~ OP, Okaerinasai by Maaya Sakamoto
Everything about this is pleasant – The visuals, the animation, the song. This is a fine piece that lulls the viewer to a pleasant mood, which matches the overall feel of the anime.

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