Kuro’s top anime 5 ED themes of 2011

Anime ED themes are meant to complete the experience of watching a certain anime. In this post I’d like to discuss my top anime ED picks of 2011.

UN-GO ED, Fantasy by Lama
UN-GO is an anime that makes you think as the episodes go along and I really like how the song slowly takes away the thinking out of you with its haunting beauty while the visuals constantly remind you of the experience watching the anime. This is a prime example of how an ED theme completes an anime experience which in this case is UN-GO.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 ED 1, Just Awake by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
I will be the first to admit that the Hunter Exam arc in HxH 2011 can get a bit boring sometimes and there’s nothing like instantly taking out all of the boredom with a energetic ED song! While the visuals simply compliment the song, the very energetic song more than makes up for a simplistic ED sequence.

Ao on Exorcist ED 2, Wired Life by Meissa Kuroki
I really like how mellow this is. The song is very chill and it is accentuated by relaxing visuals with mostly shades of calm blue. A perfect winding down ED sequence especially after a battle filled episode.

Sket Dance ED 1, Comic Sonic by The Pillows
Always trust The Pillows to come up with a great song. I really like how the Ed sequence is very simplistic, yet it shows the identity of the anime. The ED sequence describes Sket Dance in a nutshell.

Steins;Gate ED, Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku by Yui Sakakibara
Every time I watch this, I always get the chills for some reason. This is simply a hauntingly beautiful yet simple ED sequence and as the anime gets deeper and more serious, the ED visuals become much more profound in my opinion.

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