Final thoughts – UN-GO

I have blogged much about this show last year and to be honest the only bad thing I could say about it was the first episode because it wasn’t really much of a great start, everything else is great.

I really like how the mysteries are well written and everything is not what it seems and things don’t end easily after the mystery has been uncovered. I also liked the chemistry between Shinjuro and Rinroku even though they technically oppose each other as their ideals of truth are as different as night and day yet they still manage to coexist even though they have different ideals. I think this was Ango Sakaguchi‘s way of telling us that people with conflicting ideologies can work together when needed though at the end of the day, people are still loyal to their ideologies.

I also liked how UN-GO has a good balance of philosophy and mystery, the philosophy can be understood by mostly everyone and the mysteries presented in each arc is very engaging. The ED theme and sequence is awesome.

This anime is pretty good, this is probably one of the best supernatural mystery anime I’ve seen in a long time and despite having a not so good start, it followed up with great mysteries one after another enough to offset that one bad start.

This is a very good anime and I recommend it to everyone although given the philosophical nature of this show, this is a good watch for intelligent anime fans or people who are looking for something different.


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