Katawa Shoujo – The hype behind it

Wow, Katawa Shoujo is finally released. I am actually writing this while downloading KS and I am slowly seeing my free time slip away for each kb nearing towards the finish of my DL. This Visual Novel has been 5 years in the making and finally, its out.

But why the hype behind this?

In my opinion, there are few reasons. Note that these are purely my opinion.

Katawa Shoujo may be the first western Visual Novel ever, produced by a bunch of guys from an internet forum. This VN has been 5 years in the making by a few /a/nons from 4chan and that fact alone is pretty damn impressive. Now I wasn’t a part of the development of this but looking at 2DTeleidoscpe‘s post regarding Katawa Shoujo, this thing has overcame lots of internal strife and hurdles to get this far and that they are able to produce this piece of work is very commendable of their efforts because making a VN is totally not easy. Also, looking at at the culture of 4chan /a/, it is very amazing that an institution filled with waifu loving, shonen trolling, 3DPD hating, r/a/diobro people and whatnot, its members were able to put aside their differences to be able to churn out this VN which impresses me a lot.

Now that this much anticipated VN is released, time to see if this delivers… and hopefully it will.

To DL the game, copy and paste the following link to your browser. -> http://katawashoujo.blogspot.com/2012/01/katawa-shoujo-released.html


7 thoughts on “Katawa Shoujo – The hype behind it

  1. Technically, Katawa Shoujo is not the first western VN ever – Don’t Take It Personally Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story (and the title is that long!) comes to mind. Katawa Shoujo’s hype is due to its grassroots 4ch origins, its unique subject matter among VN’s, and the fact that its story handles said subject matter in a mature and tasteful manner.

    And having played the full game, I cannot recommend this game enough, if only due to how unique it is.

    • Oh, so I guess there’s already a western VN before Katawa Shoujo, then? Thank you for bringing that into light! I gotta play that VN, sometime then. Thanks again for this enlightening comment! I now have a new VN to hunt after Katawa Shoujo. (Just read the reviews for that VN, and regardless of how stereotypical it can be based on review, I’ll still play it)

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