Short first impressions – Another

Another is one of those horror anime that seems to be quite promising and it has an Ali Project OP, so I’m thinking might be good…

I’ve only liked a very few horror stuff and that goes into anime as well. Don’t hate me, some aspects of this anime felt really cliche – The oblivious main character, classmates who are kind though seemingly acting strange, and a mysterious girl wearing an eyepatch that only the protagonist can see and the random cuts of dismembered dolls. You know something’s not right.

Though this show tend to be kind of predictable, it has its good points. It has a very intriguing premise and it as a very dark atmosphere through the great use of shadow and lighting and a soundtrack that fits the overall dark mood of the anime.

Overall, you’ll know that there’s something wrong in the Class3-3 of Yomiyama North Middle School after the first few minutes of watching it. What really hooked me to this is the interesting premise and hopefully this series will get better in the episodes to come.


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