Short first impressions: Senki Zesshō Symphogear

Mahou Shoujo Macross Frontier. That’s what I first though upon watching this anime. I actually had to wait for two episodes just to be sure, and I’m now pretty sure.

This anime is mainly all about the songs (and a bit of drama). The premier episode which featured the Macross Frontier-like concert was pretty awesome because I like how it was animated and its the first time I heard Nana Mizuki and Minami Takayama singing together, and lots of Nana Mizuki singing is pretty much enough to keep me glued although I’d like to hear more of Aoi Yuuki singing.

The plot which is “the world is in danger because of an alien threat” is pretty much generic, though fairly interesting. Its like watching Macross Frontier, except that you replace the Valkyries with futuristic looking magical girls who can harness the power of Anima Spritia relics fighting the alien menace known as Protodevlin Noise, with lots of flashy stuff and singing in between battles (minus the love triangle because this isn’t Macross).

This anime is pretty cool and flashy and that plot hook at the beginning of the series is really intriguing, so I’ll be watching this and more Nana Mizuki singing is always a good thing in my opinion.


4 thoughts on “Short first impressions: Senki Zesshō Symphogear

  1. Since you mentioned Ao-chan, I might as well suggest to the producers that she needs a tougher voice coach.

    Disclaimer: I’m a fan of hers, and if my wish is granted, that’s the time that she will surpass Mai Nakahara in my top seiyuu list.

    • I’m honestly fine with her vocal range as it is, as it is very perfect for the young girl type roles. I think her voice will improve with age and a little bit more coaching.

  2. The insert songs were glorious, the animation (from what I could tell on Keyhole) looks good, and the story, while nothing great, might turn out to be pretty decent in the end. At least for what it’s trying to do. This was my most anticipated show for winter and so far I’m more than happy with it.

  3. The animation and songs it uses are nice enough. However its a complete copy of mahou shoujo madoka and Evangelion.Just as Fabrice said, it will turn up decent enough.
    Anyway, do you think you could watch HighSchool DxD? You might like it. I know I do. Even if its ecchi the story is alot better than Symphogear

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