Quick first impressions: Moretsu Space Pirates

You’ve never seen a pirate captain this cute.

What does this anime have that makes it worth watching? Let’s see, legalized piracy in space in the near future, short skirt wearing female pirates and Megane HanaKana. Yeah, this has me.

The first episode is very much your standard fare for an anime like this and admittedly it was a slow and unexciting start, and sticking to my 3 starting episode policy, I decided to stick through and was rewarded by a very good second episode.

This anime earns my respect because of the characterization. The anime makes an effort in character building and it does this very well. The pacing of the show maybe slow for some but looking at it very carefully, I’d say its all good because the pace goes well with the characterization. I’m actually happy that the main character didn’t just decide to jump head-on into piracy within the first two episodes, instead the anime took time to reveal facets of the main character (her piloting skills, her first cyber warfare).

To conclude this, I’ll just leave with you with a tweet from a fellow aniblogger regarding my feelings about Moretsu Space Pirates.


2 thoughts on “Quick first impressions: Moretsu Space Pirates

  1. I have been reluctant to start up this series so far. It looked kinda…eh for me. Your post is one of the first recommendations I have read on the series though honestly. I might have to watch a few episodes and see for myself.

    • This anime is actually good. At first I though this will be another brainless kawaii anime show, but the sheer attention to character building really made me watch this show. Hope you like it!

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