Daily life with anime girls – Kaname Chidori as a younger sister

I just had this crazy idea in which I post stuff about what would happen if a certain anime girl is a part of my life in some manner, though I’d never write me x certain random anime girl as my waifu posts because I just really don’t fee like writing those kind of stuff…

For starters, here’s what may happen if Kaname Chidori of Full Metal Panic! is my younger sister minus the whispered stuff, just normal daily life with Kaname Chidori as a younger sister. She is your usual genki girl who cares a lot about the people who is close to her and pissing her off is a bad idea.

I was having dreams of grandeur as I was able to finally beat that crappy dungeon boss on the MMO game I was playing after 2 days of skipping classes and grinding like hell when a surge of pain came to my abdomen, arousing me to wake up rather unceremoniously and painfully as Kaname wakes me up with a fist to my stomach (she claims that I am hard to wake up sometimes so she does it the hard way) with her usual genki (but rather annoying) “rise and shine!” then we eat her home-cooked breakfast and go to our respective schools. Kaname would usually be home first because I tend to spend most of my time at the arcade center after class so when I arrive home, Kaname would have usually eaten dinner ahead of me.

Dinner normally would be eating her home-cooked meal with the occasional small talk and her pestering me what is so good about gargoyling myself in front of the computer almost having no social life and how much I’ve been slacking off in my college studies and that I should study more and get out more and me dissing her about her new super uptight boyfriend and how much trouble and damage he causes whenever he’s around and asking her what the guy saw in her adding that only a weirdo or a masochist would fall in love with an amazon like her, earning me with a well placed Harisen slap to my face then followed by me apologizing to her and her usually forgiving me.

An imouto that can cook is best imouto and she knows how to take care of a brother like me, though her tough-lady attitude can be sometimes tough to handle. I certainly think that as a caring younger sister, she would be pestering me usually for my sometimes lazy ways, I do understand its her way of showing her concern for me.


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