Hollywood needs to take Cross Cultural Communication subject

Once in a blue moon, I read Sankaku Complex out of sheer boredom and I came across this and I just facepalmed. If there one true thing about Hollywood is that they’re mostly culturally insensitive.

Cross Cultural Communication is a subject in Mass Communication that deals with effective communication to foreign people through the understanding of their cultures, and in understanding foreign cultures, cultural insensitivity and clashes are eliminated and communication becomes more successful, and I really think Hollywood really needs to take this subject. I believe that Hollywood has much influence over world entertainment and it would be easy for Hollywood to make a Asian blockbuster film complete with a Caucasian as Goku or a Korean as a Japanese ninja-WAIT.

There’s the problem.

The problem about Hollywood is that they’re so concerned about the ratings such as that they inadvertently hurt the Japanese with their cultural insensitivity and rather than chastising Hollywood for it, they just rather keep their mouths shut knowing that it’ll fall on deaf corporate ears anyway, with the Americans taking the silence as consent. The Japanese seem practically resigned to having America routinely plundering their culture. It just seems that corporate Hollywood just doesn’t have the time to study cultural sensitivity.

I mean its culturally insensitive to have a Korean (of all people) to play as a Japanese. To Hollywood, there’s no such thing as Japanese, Chinese or Korean, just Asian and as a Mass Communication student, sweeping generalization is a mark of cultural insensitivity.


2 thoughts on “Hollywood needs to take Cross Cultural Communication subject

  1. I remember reading about the filming of Memoirs of A Geisha and while it ended up being the least of that film’s problems (although oddly the book was my favourite novel for a period of about a year when I was much younger) it suffered the same issue – casting Chinese actresses in Japanese roles because they were familiar faces.

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