The music that brings out the writing

I’ll admit one thing, I always listen to music while writing something. Music seems to help me in writing blogposts. I prefer to listen to lively fun music while writing something, because it keeps me up and upbeat while writing something. A fine example of the kind of music that I listen to while writing is iciko‘s cover of Kasane Teto’s song of 桜. The song is a fine mixture of upbeat, fun and lively, making me listen to it on loop while writing.

iciko’s vocals on this is so fun and upbeat and the intstrumental and synth sounds give the song with much energy that keeps me up every time I listen to it.

I’ve though that I’m not just the only aniblogger that listens to music while writing and thus, I’ve asked few other anibloggers what do they listen to while writing and I hope that you’ll enjoy their responses, dear reader!

First up is Sabishii Miruku who is a part of the Rabbit Poets.

As an anime blogger who blogs about episodics to random articles, it takes quite a bit of effort to transition between the two types of writing. While this post may be in general about one song, I would like to mention two songs that I like to jam to when I blog about different types of articles.

First up, whenever I blog about “random articles” featuring discussions on anime-related subjects, I like to listen to “Complication” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D. “Complication” comes from DRRR!!’s second opening song and I’ve fallen in love with it since the first time I’ve heard it. Though I’m not a particular fan of listening to lyrics while I write (it can be very distracting), the way “Complication” affects me is unlike the plethora of other anime songs I enjoy.

Listening to the lyrics, I feel as if it inspires me to take a deeper look into my discussions because literally, the lyrics mention something akin to “what will you draw tomorrow?” Though it is quite vague in context if you haven’t heard the song before, but if you get the whole “inspirational/motivational” approach I’m trying to get at, then you’ve got the point.

In addition to the stimulating lyrics, “Complication” has a very solid tune to it. What I mean by is that the song features very good high notes and an appropriate bass-line. Also, the tune has some alternating fast and slow parts, which can add a bit of flavor when you’re blogging. As you all may know, a song with a repetitive and monotone beat isn’t the best thing to listen to. Thus, “Complication” keeps it quite fresh with the alternating paces.

Now, when I get to blog episodics, it’s a whole new story. As some may know, blogging about episodics can depend on how well you enjoyed watching a certain episode. For example, when I was watching “The iDOLM@STER”, I almost tore my hair out in the third episode, but thanks to a certain song, I got through it. In another case, I totally fell in love with “Ano Natsu” after seeing the first episode, thus blogging about it was a total breeze, but paired with that song, it made blogging about it even better.

Though it may come to you guys as a surprise that such a “heavy-beat” song could be something that drives my motivation in blogging episodics, the song is none other than “Don’t Say Lazy” by HTT.

“Don’t Say Lazy” has been a mainstay in my playlists for years. Its powerful tunes and holy lyrics make me feel damn enlightened when I hear the song while blogging. Because of the obvious “Don’t Say Lazy” lyric portion, it serves as a catalyst to push me to keep writing. That’s right fools, don’t be lazy, cuz you’re actually crazy.

Aside from getting through the arduous times of blogging about some horrible shows, “Don’t Say Lazy” can still pump you up or keep you up in high spirits when blogging about the shows you like. It never hurts to bring some extra zest to something you’re already enjoying.

Next up is Judge who is the Editor in Chief of Moar Powah

When you first posed this question, it took me a while to pick out just one song since I listen to so many! I finally settled on Younha’s 혜성 (pronounced “Hyeseong”) which means “Comet” in English. It’s the Korean version of the popular Bleach ED Houki Boshi, which propelled Younha to fame. I’m Korean by the way, so understanding Korean songs isn’t a problem 😉

The reason I chose this song was its overall upbeat and cheery tempo; I really enjoy fast flowing music to get my brain in gear. The piano playing is also a huge plus, and it’s one reason I love Younha’s music. I have a soft spot for the piano, which is why I like artists like Elton John and Billy Joel.

Another thing about Younha that I admire is her actually singing ability. Most artists sound a lot different live than on their albums; Younha is one artist whose voice sounds just as good in person! (Believe me, I saw her live before!) The lyrics of “Comet” (Korea lyrics here, English translation here) also stand out. It took a lot of hard work by Younha to get where she is today; she had to overcome a lot of prejudice from her home country of Korea to make it big. “Comet’s” lyrics reflect this passion to soar high and bright, and the power with which she sings this song makes it even better.


6 thoughts on “The music that brings out the writing

  1. I just realized I forgot to mention that another reason I like the song is because I strive to write with the same level of passion that Younha displays when she sings it. Anyways, thanks for letting me participate!

    • Younha has got to be one of the most passionate Asian singers out there and I really like her songs. I hope she makes another Japanese hit sometime soon.

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