The anime that Kuro wants to see

I finally got some much needed free time, and in reading this article by Ghostlightning it has inspired me to really think about the kind of anime that I want to see, and so this post will be my answer to Ghostlightning‘s challenge.

I’d like to see anime that addresses societal issues and something that blurs the line between reality and imagination. This is something that the late Satoshi Kon may pull out of his sleeve.

My idea is something about a virtual reality online game that’s been a smash hit and everyone is playing it. The main character is a simple female ordinary college college student. She’s pretty much ordinary in every aspect and she played the hit virtual reality online game because her friends just bugged her to play it. Issues that may be presented in this is how a girl may see the gaming world, and how people use games as an escape from the real world, creating a fantasy world for themselves. Other main characters from all walks of life will be introduced and will have their own reasons as to why they’re playing the online game and have their own issues. I’d like to throw in player-killing into the mix because I think it would be pretty cool. This will be set in a 13 episode format with Studio MADHOUSE animating the series.

It was fun imagining my ideal anime series.

3 thoughts on “The anime that Kuro wants to see

  1. There needs to be more series like .hack sign. I love the idea of MMO gaming in anime. There really isn’t much of it going around. Also to be honest, my favorite episode in most anime is the “game” episode where the cast all jumps on a video game of some sort. A lot of series incorporate that somewhere.

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