Kuro’s ramblings about his experiences on being an anime fan

You know, I’ve been very open about me being an anime fan to everybody that I know and they have no problems about it. Okay, I’m in the Philippines and being an anime fan here isn’t exactly as bad as it is in Japan where being an anime fan is almost synonymous to being social outcast and at some point, people that I know learn that I like anime and they’re cool with it.

I’ve been an anime fan way back when I was still a kid and I went through almost all things that would warrant me as an otaku: Hotblooded discussions about Evangelion and trolling the shit out of others who can’t comprehend it, I’ve had a huge printed lists of seiyuus and their roles, I’ve dabbled in gunpla and figma collecting (in which I have to sell all of my collected stuff due to financial problems), I have a life-size poster of Sohryuu Asuka Langley in sexy plugsuit, I’ve attended lots of anime conventions and cosplayed a lot and I have a collection of original jpop cd’s, the list can go on and on though I would never ever say all of these things to other people. As much as I am open to being a hardcore anime fan, I’d like to subdue my power levels. While most of the kids here think that being otaku is a cool thing, I’d like to be called an anime fan rather than otaku and I stress that fact to the otaku kids. because the meaning of the word otaku is negative in nature. I’m cool with people seeing my jpop collection, though I’m not cool with people seeing my life-size poster of Asuka in sexy plugsuit.

I’ve said earlier that I’m very open when it comes to being an anime fan, though I never, never push to others to become an anime fan and outside of my anime circle, I only talk about anime when it actually comes up. I’d rather let other people take care of introducing other people to anime.

One thing that I’ve noticed among the anime fan masses here is that there is some kind of subtle status in the anime fandom which is categorized by a lot of factors: Being a veteran/well-known cosplayer places you high in the hierarchy among anime fans and spouting lots of trivia and knowing which seiyuu voiced which character earns you lots respect. Knowing anime other than Naruto and knowing Evangelion earns you respect, and so on. I’m thankfully over this obnoxious phase of being concerned with status and have learned that this is all useless crap. Everyone in equal in the love of anime in my opinion.

All of these experiences that I’ve had as an anime fan helped me mature to the person that I am now. Gone are the days that I am very active in the local anime community and as of now, I’m just some nobody anime blogger attending college, withdrawn from all the local cosplay events and anime gatherings.


9 thoughts on “Kuro’s ramblings about his experiences on being an anime fan

  1. Ive always kept anime to myself where i am because not a lot know nor like it.

    I have to wait until i go back to singapore to see my anime friends in order to talk with them or just the internet. I find it really sad that japan think so lowly of anime and such.

  2. I have never been to anime cosplay events or gathering or conventions. Yet I am a very happy anime fans. I believe you are not alone in this status. Or maybe you are even part of the majority of the anime community.

  3. I hate when people use the word otaku in a derogatory sense. But yeah I keep my anime love kind of hidden…my good friends know but that’s about it.

    • The thing is that the word otaku loosely means people with obsessive interests usually in anime, manga or video games, which in turn loosely translates to being creepy 90% of the time.

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