The language of chairs in Rinne no Lagrange

If you have been watching Rinne no Lagrange and have reached episode 11, its pretty sure that the anime is a happy, upbeat version of Evangelion. Though this anime isn’t as deep as EVA, this show does employ symbolisms, through the use of chairs.

Sending my thanks to Raide for helping me with the chair pics in this blogpost.

The symbolism are pretty much easy to understand, during the conclusion of each episode the chairs are shown which could be interpreted as the chairs symbolizing the robots or the pilots, depending upon the interpretation of the viewer, though I’d like to point out two occasions in which the chair symbolism is used very subtly.

In this scene, Madoka is running alone. Notice that the green chair that normally symbolizes Madoka/Vox Aura is facing something which is like a wooden hurdle. I think the green chair facing a wooden hurdle symbolizes Madoka facing a huge personal pressure in which she is trying to overcome to. Also notice that Madoka is alone in this shot, which maybe telling that Madoka is alone in this. In any case, Madoka overcomes any hurdles in front of her with her sheer optimism.

In this pic, the girls are carrying chairs, notice that Lan and Muginami are only carrying 3 chairs while Madoka is obviously carrying more compare to the two. Now, this can be open to many interpretations: it could be interpreted that Madoka as the leader of the jersey club bears more work than the other two, which means Madoka carrying more chairs than the two, or it could be seen as that Madoka is still carrying the heavy load of her past while Lan and Muginami’s burdens are lessened because of Madoka’s presence. This picture is very open to interpretation and could be interpreted in either way.

Rinne no Lagrange maybe a fun and simple mecha show, the show does have something for keen viewers.


2 thoughts on “The language of chairs in Rinne no Lagrange

  1. I hadn’t even thought about the part where the girls are carrying their chairs. I think both interpretations that you stated could be correct, but it’s subjective to the viewer I suppose.

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