First Impressions: Ozma

This anime has my head turned because it is a Leiji Matsumoto creation, and I’m hoping it would be a good sci-fic because that’s what Leiji Matsumoto is all about.

My experience is that the first episode is your normal introductory episode, nothing too stellar although for sci-fi lovers out there, the environment of the anime is kinda reminiscent of Frank Hebert’s Dune which is a real cool thing, but as far as the episode goes, it felt kinda bland for me. The second episode is the one that actually reeled me in because the whole episode was a totally intense tactician battle and the third episode finally gets the story in gear which really gets me into the anime.

I think this will be one of the better anime of the spring 2012 anime block because the anime does a good job of pulling the viewer in with its story. Right after the second episode I was already immersed into the anime as I was curious to the mystery behind Maya and the third episode just immersed me into it. The anime also has great orchestra BGM; Enough for me to let the somehow off female art of the anime slide.

To finish this blogpost, This anime is looking to be a solid sci-fi anime, perfect to open the spring 2012 block. I’m hoping that this anime will be able to bring the goods in its entirety of 6 episodes.


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