First Impressions – Uchu Kyoudai

I haven’t seen an anime about astronauts and going to space that has a slice of life feel. Hopefully Uchu Kyoudai will change that…

One thing I instantly noticed is that the illustrations are very lively and vivid on this show and I really like how the background illustrations are so lush. The anime feels fresh right off the bat and it enhances the over all ‘chill feel’ of the anime.

I also really like the OP theme animation of this show as it keeps up the liveliness of the anime. I really like how the OP animation feels so bright and lively.

Another thing I liked about is the orchestra BGM that the show uses which fits just right for the anime.

As for the story itself, there are two siblings the older brother Mutta who was born October 28, 1993, when Japan lost the World Cup preliminaries and younger brother Hibito who was born on September 17, 1996, when Japan scored victory in Major League Baseball. Case in point to those who haven’t watch this yet, this is the basis on their character development as Mutta who thinks that the older brother should be ahead of the younger brother is always surpassed by his younger brother. I really liked how this anime showcases the friendly rivalry of the brothers in a very good light as the younger brother goes out of his way to help his older brother in time of need. Also I really like how the anime fleshes out Mutta’s loser streak by ways of bad luck in small but funny ways. I laughed so hard when Mutta is down on his luck trying to find a job just because of his facial expressions.

I think this anime will be a very good watch and I won’t be surprised of most if not all of the anibloggers have already kept this anime on their watchlist for the new anime season.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions – Uchu Kyoudai

  1. I haven’t seen an anime about astronauts and going to space that has a slice of life feel.

    What about Planetes? Granted there’s a lot of politics in the second half and the actual jobs of the main chareacters can get pretty life or death, but for the most part its just office workers in space. Office workers that happen to be Space Garbagemen.

    • I think that Uchu Kyoudai will have a much more relaxed feel than Planetes. The atmosphere in Planetes can get pretty tense when things get life or death while I think Uchu Kyoudai will have none of that.

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