First Impressions: Accel World

Okay, its true that Guilty Crown and Accel World have similarities, the most obvious being the main character’s voice actor…

First of all, I like the background illustrations because they looks very well done from vivid everyday life to the dark accel world battles, but perhaps the best defining thing and the greatest selling point of the anime is that it panders so well on the underdog spirit of the the viewer. The protagonist who is a short, fat kid who is always bullied and has given up on reality and then he discovers a whole new world which is the accel world (which is a virtual reality MMO) where for once he has the chance to excel with the help of a beautiful sempai. It is the perfect tool to play on the underdog spirit of the viewer, especially otaku viewers. I also liked the idea of an MMO avatar being created as a result of the player’s insecurities, which is really pretty neat on my opinion. I’m also very interested in the world of Brain Burst because looking at Brain Burst from a purely gamer perspective, I like how Brain Burst is a skill based MMO from the looks of it.

Though with all the good I’ve said about it, I imagine that there will be a few people that will hate the main character, because he’s kinda reminiscent of a certain Shu.

This anime has got me because it appeals so well to the underdog spirit of the viewer, and I want to watch how will the main character deal with his insecurity issues. I think this will be a good watch for otakus. Who doesn’t love the underdog?


12 thoughts on “First Impressions: Accel World

  1. I know I should judge a book by it’s covers but… is there anyone who is actually fond of the main character’s designs? To me, he looks like a pathetic mascot.. lol.

    • Honestly, I’m not one of those guys. The MC looks like a fat mascot that borders on looking like a joke character, but I think one of the cardinal rule in any show is to have a main character that people can relate to, and I think the MC someone that few otaku that can relate to.

    • I like the protagonist’s design. Like Kuro said, it gives us anime watchers something to relate to. Also, it’s very unique as there are so few chubby MCs out there.

  2. this anime looks very promising, its very interesting, people are complaining about haruyuki but i think he isn’t so bad, sure he is a loser but that leaves plenty of room for development in the next 23 episodes, i do hope he becomes a very good MC, i like characters who start off weak and wimpy but then become badass

  3. I was more worried about how the episodes are going to be written going forward. It just seems like a lot depends on lengthy exposition on how the world works and the plot being told to us by other characters. I’m glad you’re looking forward to it.

  4. The cutesey, mascot-y doofus look for the main character actually gives me a weird Betterman vibe (from what I saw of the show, I fell asleep after 3 episodes and decided to watch Cybuster instead. Bad idea). The main of that looked more like the sidekick in any other show (and was suitably useless to boot).

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